domingo, 20 de janeiro de 2008

Vismus ünd Ationic

File all? Remember the last question from Asimov to the machine? Só lares a zona, Afecção científica...
Era Vulgaris
Am Us Eon for everyshit... Diarréia de controles... As Jesus was to the Barroque search for expansion on the macrovision, so Satan to the Bauharocke inward pression in search for the damned core... The everup scale is called Shepard, a que sempre cai são as águas de Março... In a near future every pop song will have a drone layer, even if subliminal... Stomach glitch for heart beats...
Not Just Electroacoustic, But Acousticelectricity
Two layers of sounding inside the same sound, one physical powered sound and other that entrains energies in the potential level of matter... Still to be studied the harmonic relations of sound memories and intensities intervals...


How are bodies to contact each other throughin the synesthetic synapses? Is it a rythmic problem what lies between dance and movement? 'Amen Kaos' is an imperative ordered sentence... Let's not forget what happened to Chick Korea because of auditing...
"If I heard less from the others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" - Isaac Newton's Dream
Let everyone sweep their own doors and the dirt will come up and the world be fogged... Then the dirt defenders will appear to thrown themselves against the ones hiding the dirt under their neighboors skirts... Harmony is about tension between pallettes... Amélia é que era mulher de verdades, vaidade das sem vaidades...
"Art is a collaboration between the universe and the artist, and the less the artist does the better." Andre Gidé
When the vampires realized they could also drink vampire blood they were able to suck each others neck forever and never and nerver became the meet of meats... How does the transmutation of flesh into flash works? trA! Who is leading a networked waltz when the lightspot is on the spotlight?
Wo menschen süid, da menschelts?
Gemütlichkeit! Metrô, linha 743!!!

terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2008

Seven Samurai

One Who Serves
The most violent blade is the thinest... Bushido is not Kobudo! Dignity when protecting sounds is fighting against music cognition, breaking any possibility of a core... Not the mainstream nor the hypecycle know how the underground metals get inside the liquid molecules of pulsation... Phobia is a sound perception of danger fragilized by confortable listening, a lion roar makes a citizen laugh or cry of pitty... Soundzoo for musics daimyo, how to disrupt the industrial Cage?
"This could be said about the whole history of thinking: It is absurd by what it seeks; great by what it finds." Paul Valéry
Moondog remembered the connection of syncope rythm and ritual synchronicity, beast's beat... Records as shuriken, thrown in the color of sound to meet its aimless... Needle in the record, swords sharpenned on the amboss... Collective hearing resists beyond Ford's cue, the brains of the octopus are in its tentacles the same way the cockroachs' are in their bellieKs... Joe Coleman shout in the bar to the old blind ear "If there is any chance of punishment or rewarding through sounds it is not on noise, but what noise lets trespass of a sense for the listenercomposer"... The wasteland relative of a disk jockey is the disk rider ... Won't be missed one casteless zen master, twelve ninjas, three geishas, four painters, nine politicians, five cookers, eight crookers in the ballroom on the April 24th... For the disonored ear there's always cotton swab arakiri...

quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2008

Ways Of The Voice

Unforgetable whirlwind, Küpper stares at the impossible ceiling with dodos running round with their ventilators laws...
"Faith means belief in something concerning which doubt is theoretically possible" William James
Blood's the way that electricity shakes the rest of umbilical cords that stretch through our throats... There's no stage when trying to entrain a praise module, the moon is the ass of the sun and the teeths of the earth... When free from words, do voices tend to divinity? It's pain the whisper of never grasping goodness. How could ever a throat be good if not being but a formless flowing passage of desires?