sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007


The bricks of a fallen wall are the next houses the same way music is still to be found on soundart... Tear down the wall between your appartment and your neighboors mr.Reine... On this happy new ear Eve's the Brademburg Portal will be closed not by a wall but by a stage... I will never put my feet on pop music, unless if it's to knock it out with the Backstreet Beuys... Warn'er that it's the road runners that chase the coyote's song... Listening is in between two earwalls and a eyetower... O ouvido espiona o olho que tudo vê mas tudo ouve...
But we want pan, not pain
Or north, or south
Turismo, tumoris mantis ears, wonder when will they beggin to suck Tijuana's cactus in search for the sound of the desert to be crossed... Cold War gave place to Global Warmth, the atomic mushroom is nothing compared to opening the culture particles...
Fireworks make more smoke than light...

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2007


"Ora!(direis) ouvir as estrelas!!" Olavo Bilac
Metafrases, de los sentidos un rio en el mar... Poesia, o paladar da metáfora a ser dilacerada... Câmara pássara, a arquitetura urbana será nossa pele à dança aerial do ter em mim... E cheirar os sons até que nossas línguas sangrem imargens como abelhas fartas das minas mecânicas de extração de sera dos olvidos... Every jam is to be eated with bred, feedback é vômito de eternoretornos... Pantela rascunhando olhos a serem queimados pela luz que não aquece... Ash to Thrash, dust to lust... Resumed to sensorial bodyless organs... Caros especta-dores, sabendo-nos senão sentidos como conectar-nos again num sinema, as linhas sentem saudades dos nós... O corpo espacial clama of fluxos intensivos, atravessamo-nos além da telagradeparede... Uma tela com uma tela com uma revolução é um lençol branco pendurado pelas cores da projeção... The Himalya falling over Scriabin's ears meanwhile Stockhausen tries to tear klang ünd faber apart... Hendrix toca fogo nas cordas enquanto Smeták sopra, é tempo de deixar o calor afinar as caixas-acústicas que são as salas de esculpir tempo onde os stalkemistas Lumiére nos levam... É inevitável a correlação músico-som/espaço-música...

sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2007


Phaseless and shiftfull, fantasy calls for shallows... Blamed on the sky and its uncounteable scars, the echoes of the hours... L'arte della fuga è la fuga della arte; who would've known the fourth face of Hecate? Ashamed of the bright that others impose to us, sands' glass... Faith's childhood for childs like end... It is not innocence that calls the sbarks, but the greedy wish to make gold from blue moods... Feels not loneliness, sealed by the vacuum that only silence may sound... What shook the sea of memories?It was not the light, it was not the stars, it was not that far, it was only the night...

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

The Geodesic Drone

The sonarium is a room with tranparent soundwalls... No gap for abstraction or comprehension... When eyebulbs start shivering and it overflows through our bones it's clear, we were drowned by sound and numbers are not much but numb'ers now...
Air Density, the jellyfish, reminds our timpani that sculpting spacetimes with timespaces is not a technic from the volume war, later at the infinitesimal border twelve fiddlers play in a small bunker haunting music... the other side doesn't know where it is coming from, so they dance... Since we can't get any near to a sphere without mentioning the unmentionable, geodesic dreamcatchers filter the living water through the bitterness of quininoise.
"The amount of each ear nerval tension for a sound has something to do with the physical pleasure of music listening" Sthendal
Motors teach as much about mantras as it disteach about the body, but there are still the bookwormholes... I heard thirteen airplanes dopplers catching the train in the morning...
Put your hands gently over your ears and move them away and near in order to filter the air, breathe sound and get your gills...

sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2007

Karlheinz Stockhausen {8.22.28 to 12.05.07}

"I became a human bring celestial music to humans , and human music to the celestial beings. So that Man may listen to God and God may hear his childen"

To die on a Wednesday was an great live performance. Still lost inside bioalgorithmic machines, we wonder what is the meaning of love so to naturalize our art... You know we need to get in kontakt and don't let all this Sirius lights blind our hearings. Will the horns blow the metall in the curse of the years? Will the Hellacops break the strings? Four violins inside motorheaded machines are the apocalypse horsemen laughing stochasticly... Not more than three sounds are needed to explain it all, and after you realize how small the world is you have to come back, don't you Michael? No more than three artists are needed to overcome art. Dearest Operator, what when the camel shits the black holes and try to be themselves the stopped flo? This is the day we feel together, this is the day we feel week.
"Everyone back in!! The whole thing again from the start !!!"

quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2007

Worms on the Cracklebox

...Sounds on cracks are not warm nor wholes... The pours on our skins misses touching as the electricity misses silicon... In human dreams fauns are but acantocephalas' sounds that crosses their optical hairs... The only laws of matter are those that our minds must fabricate to break their gap...
from 1.100.202Hz on
...Fa[i]lick guts, our stomachs are on metafeedback when Uroboros is microminimalized... Devil is the pain by which we measure our concepts... You have to eat the earth and pee it so to air it, unvertebrateds are nearer than us to the fire...

sábado, 1 de dezembro de 2007

Sound for Airports

...Fast listening and easy food are two elastic bed for upset ambients... morphinoids & speedups were always the basis of technologies grading...
..."Lots of money were expent on everything on this space except in the music"; is that a reason to equalize happy music and zen suspension, or, is Good what I don't want? How could we fly if our hearing are concearned on not concearning? From desire we can't ask... Still the elastic properties of sinesthetic economy...
...When sounds beat gravity the air is plane and verticality is challenged... When music is tries to hide its ambition is to become the whole ambient...

Music for public spaces[according to Eno]:
1.Must not interfear on human communication;
2.Last long times and do not have many changes;
3.Interrupteable for annoucements.

Soundcrafting for public times:
1.Must dialogue through human communication;
2.Use the spatial noise to control time environments changes;
3.Ininterrupteable due to its chainging character. The annoucements is a solo part of it.