quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2007

Poder Surdo

Excluídos pela inclusão, ouvimos. Ainda há muito o que se pesquisar da escuta surda, suas sutilezas de nuances e matizes, que somente os surdos poderão nos ensinar. Os ouvintes podem sentir isto na sinfonia corpórea ao vídeo ou em qualquer conversa libriana. Reduzir o som à escuta auricular é o absurdo do olvido da pele. As libras são um avanço mais importante nas pesquisas de linguagens musicais que qualquer coisa que Karajan ou Abado possam ter feito, abertura de regimes imprecindível entre regência, chirologia, dança e mesmerismo sígnico. Ainda está porvir o musicólogo surdo que esclarecerá as obras finais de Ludwing Van para que um maestro surdo a faça soar para a glória do compositor e sua composição. Ainda encontrarei a soprano surda que cantará minha ópera Gallaudet.
Se levarmos em conta as ferramentas de composição computacional atuais[max,pd,supercollider,synthedit,reason,etc], veremos que cada vez mais a música radical é de mais fácil acesso ao surdo que ao cego.
"A música é boa para a melancolia, má para quem está de luto, e nem boa nem má para os surdos"
Baruch Spinoza

E é neste sentido que esta escuta surda se demonstra potente, ela por princípio se ausenta de qualquer valoração moral. A luta de um movimento dos surdos, e aqui fala um ouvinte deste, não se resume à urgência do mantenimento de escolas especializadas, mas a uma ampla valoração musical da escuta surda e uma redisseminação cultural da linguagem de sinais, pois são meramente sinais todas as linguagens... sinais de uma audição além da escuta destes corpos ideogramas em suas danças haikais.

quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2007


Dreamwavers... always trying to cut someone's hairs. The headspace created with headphones not only made autism part of the schizo urban tendency but also made it an ultimate challenge. Somehow Cage was tricked for saying "Everyone is in the best seat". Sitted we all will be from now on, inertiac at the center of the theater with our big eargos. Luigi(the lightened one) is undergrounded before he may meet us to sell his algorithm, Manuel(the handworker) is stoned as a guitar. Demonstrations demonstrate how much technology may be hollow and phony, the song doesn't matter much near the radio station programming. We have plastic bags around our heads. "The amazing power of your brains" are denying the other power sources in your body and most important, the amazing power of the soundsources outside us and their infinite poeticly related listenings. Scissors are 2 of swords, peleja. Our digital thirst for high fidelity "negates its own physical presence in the ear to fully restore those differences" nightmaring of the day we will be fully fooled by sounds, high fidelity to whom or what? For listeners on the razorblade: learn as soon as possible to hear the algorithms in digital audio, those lowrates blips and glitches, machinical feelings(known as errors) , subliminal programming, etcetera...

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2007

Urutao: The Phantom of Birds

Bitter is the Nile when the last free singing birds are to pull the pharao's rocks down by the riverside to throw them at the Abaeté lake, that infinite depth of dark waters surrounded by white sands.
The Pigeons are but Urutao ashes that in the nights search for a morning rebornt throughout combustion, writing on logs so when the winter year comes there will be poems to throw to the sky so only them will waterfall in the sea again.
In the concrete deserts drowning into the slipping sand the concrete rotator "nunca vi sertão ser tão sertão" Rosa fasten his ears to play a slow rain driping.
Throat is a tunnel with a well where those litlle birds sing in their search for acoustics, soundchimneys.
Hum contort in shame towards an animal in the middle of the park in the middle of the streets in the middle of the cities in the middle of the seea.
Imagination is in the Throat as a lightless mirror, along with other Urutaos who sing throughin the evenout. A unforgetable song is a phantom as well as a melody you can't remember - whipered to himself. At l'e'ast the nightingales...

quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2007

The Fall of the House of Escher

If only sounds rained, we could look for shelter. But yet it bolts. Some use songs as umbrellas, but they are also lightining-rod's.
Is that hearing? Before any answer our morbid acuteness of the senses put the living in the sign(from the greek signus, tomb). The woman's voice screamed that hearing is but peripheric viewing, her eyes twisted as drumming.
Sitôt qu'on le touche, il résonne... Micróphone, U she R may be the first sonoplast and nanosound physicist in historymyth. From nails scratching as on vynil, the coffen made soundbox is the house falling is the caesarian uterus. Dragons are chains on the undergrounds of house and the pillars of the home, synapsis try to overrule the body through this hearllucination. Leviathan, a bad tempered accordion.
Yesterday at a friend's house I found on Wittgenstein's Culture & Values:
"It was an unfinished melody I could not recall from where, but reading its partitur I remember thinking about my philosophy and yelling to myself : 'I destroy, I destroy, I destroy'."
Audio-man cia is an attempt to listen to the deafness of the world made of the excesses of music, the sound illusionism. When the house is about to fall is better to start transtuning our lyres.